Thursday, 17 January 2013



To :
OMVS (Senegal River Basin Development Authority)
Malian Minister of Energy
Malian Prime Minister
EU Commission of Climate Change
World Bank IDA
UN Climate Change UNFCCC

For the good of all, to support all LIFE, please stop to build the third hydro-power station on the Senegal river in Gouina, Mali!

We all need energy, but it's a great difference for the present and the future of the Earth what kind of source of energy we develop and support.
Atomic, carbon, fuel, gas energy are non-renewable and could destroy every form of Life by an accident or purposely.

Water is a wonderful source of clean energy, but is it a really safe source of Energy???
African rivers play a very important role in daily life Africans, they provide drinking water for people and animals, fertilize soil, enable transport. In the dry season, almost eight months per year - human lives depend on drinking water and fish from rivers.

International Ecologists claim there are myriad problems with large dams in tropical ecosystems. Large dams interfere with the hydrological cycle and nutrient flows through an ecosystem, while restricting or blocking access to breeding and feeding grounds for migratory fish species. Meanwhile areas inundated with water can generate substantial greenhouse gas emissions. Design flaws in some tropical dams, which draw methane from the base of their reservoirs, can exacerbate climate impacts. Finally flooding in the reservoir area can displace communities traditionally dependent on rivers, while creating hardship downstream from reduce fisheries. The big artificial lakes are responsible for malaria, bilharzia, schistosomiasis etc. The dams influenced social-economical-political life, 10% of humanity fall into category of dam-affected people.

Africa has the biggest potential in solar and wind energy around the world. New technology allow to build faster and cheaper solar-power station than hydro-power station, for example the 155-megawatt new Nzema Solar-plant in Ghana will cost 305 million Euro to build and will be fully operational in 2015, hydro-power station Gouina 140-megawatt will cost 324 million Euro (maybe more), commissioning in 2017. Both projects start in 2014.

The waterfall Gouina, one of the most beautiful and majestic natural falls around the world should be preserved for the future generation without any harm!
Oceans, lakes, rivers don´t belong to one nation. Big evaporation from artificial lakes in Africa can cause stormy weather in America. Less fresh water in the oceans can cause malting of Greenland and Arctic glaciers.

Fish, hippopotamus, frogs, birds, monkeys, and  more than 10.000 trees will be gone.

For the good of all, to support all life, please stop to build the third hydro-power station on the Senegal river in Gouina, Mali!!!